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Personality Printing

Did you ever wonder why people behave so differently? Did you ever observe two people seeing the same thing or hearing the same conversation and having completely different interpretations? Did you ever wonder why certain people are passive while others are assertive? Why some are impulsive and others prefer to plan? Why some are more creative and others are more analytical? Why some are detailed and others only see the big picture?

The answers to these questions and many more are very much connected to one’s personality. One way to describe personality is using a process called “Printing ® ”. Printing is based on a powerful system that was developed by scholars centuries ago and has been refined over hundreds of years.

Printing takes people’s personality traits, along with the why’s behind these traits, and groups them into 9 categories, each with its own way of thinking, feeling and behaving; its own unique view of the world; and its own set of strengths and potential weaknesses. Although people may see parts of themselves in some, or even all of the groupings, there are always two that fit them better than the rest: called a Major (dominant) and a Minor (secondary). The combination of a person’s Major and Minor makes up their personality type, or Print®, of which there are 72 in total.

Print – The Paul Hertz Group

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Determining Print Types

As a licensed user of Print I can help you find out what personality traits you have and what sort of ‘triggers’ would cause a reaction from you that may not be serving your best interests. Knowing which Print type you are helps you make the most of your strengths and gives you the opportunity to address your weaker areas and turn them into strengths that will improve the way you communicate with people, interact with them and create more meaningful relationships.

Print types are calculated using an online multiple choice questionnaire which is dynamic, meaning that your answers to the first page of questions will determine the next set of questions. The questions will continue being refined to ascertain your dominant styles and you will then be given a report showing major and secondary print type.

Print personality profiling is just one of the options available to my clients.

“The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.” - Thales