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Can life coaching help you to deal with stress and anxiety?

Working with many people over the years I have found a common thread that affects us all from time to time; sometimes it affects us so much that it prevents us from seeing clearly what is before us, making life appear difficult. Dealing with this emotional roller coaster day in day out can lead to stress and anxiety. Continue reading

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New Year’s resolution

A new year, a clean sheet, turning over a new leaf. It’s the time of year we imagine making the changes we want to happen in our lives to make this year better than the last one. Unfortunately motivation and persistence does … Continue reading

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Mindfulness and Presence

It does not matter what you call it but mindfulness or presence is something very difficult to define in words; it must be experienced to truly understand the effect it can have on mental clarity, calmness and contentment. Continue reading

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“Your life experiences are created by the thoughts you choose, the feelings they cause and the actions you decide to take.” - Unknown