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New Year’s resolution

new year resolution listA new year, a clean sheet, turning over a new leaf. It’s the time of year we imagine making the changes we want to happen in our lives to make this year better than the last one.

Unfortunately motivation and persistence does not happen by magic and very often we inadvertently set ourselves up for failure.

So, how do we improve our chance to succeed?

  1. Just pick one resolution or goal to start with. You can always add more at a later date if things are going well. If you try to change too much in your life at once it won’t work as your energy and commitment is spread too thin and it will seem overwhelming. Focusing on one thing at a time will help you succeed.
  2. Be realistic – choose targets that are reachable. If your overall goal is large then break it down into manageable stages.
  3. Be specific – what exactly is your goal? (one sentence will suffice) State it positively “I will…” rather than “I won’t……” How will you measure it? Is it achievable in the time frame you have set? Write all this down.
  4. Visualise – yourself achieving your goal (this is an important step so don’t be tempted miss it out). Close your eyes and imagine a time when you have achieved your goal. See it in as much detail as you can. How does it feel? Is it enhancing your life? Are you being authentically you?
  5. Be resourceful – What resources will help you? Do you need to do any research before you begin? Planning and getting yourself ready before you start will help minimise delays or changes in direction later down the track and help you see clearly how to proceed.
  6. Obstacles – what problems might you encounter? How will you solve these? Thinking ahead can help you avoid the pitfalls or give up when you hit a road block. Most problems are solvable with a little thought and planning so there is no need to give up when you encounter one.
  7. Accountability –It is much harder to keep going when we are answerable only to ourselves; excuses come too easily with no one to encourage or cheer us on. Either tell a trusted friend or family member of your goal and ask for their support, or for the best results enlist the help of a life coach.

I have helped many clients reach their goals and sometimes surpass them – I can help you to reach yours too.

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“Your life experiences are created by the thoughts you choose, the feelings they cause and the actions you decide to take.” - Unknown