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Transformative Coaching

Transformative coaching is based on the powerful insights of Sydney Banks who, in 1973, had a profound vision of the spiritual nature of life and how the three principles he discovered underpin all human experience.

I have found that this approach transcends mind states including anxiety and depression and my clients relate to it at a deeper level.

George Pransky describes this approach as:

“… a new and enlightened understanding of where human experience comes from and how it can be changed for the better without any techniques, strategies or prescribed behaviours.”

Transformative coaching works in a different way to traditional coaching and it promotes new understanding which leads to insights which are non sequential in nature meaning that big “a-ha” moments can happen in a moment. This understanding is of a more permanent nature which requires no effort to maintain motivation and being more pervasive it effects all areas of life not just the specific issue you are currently wanting to change.

Transformative coaching is also self perpetuating as you see life in a new way and your perspectives change as you understand how we create our experiences moment to moment and how empowering this can be.

Let me show you how you can truly transform your life and using your own wisdom to improve all areas of your life.

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“Your life experiences are created by the thoughts you choose, the feelings they cause and the actions you decide to take.” - Unknown